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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  February 6, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.mon >> families arrive in the u.s. u to hugs and tears after theer he president's travel ban is lifted but the white housee h vows to keep fighting.keep fign. what's next for these familiesha in a live report.eport. >> d.c. elementary schoolemental infected with bed bugs still bul dealing with the unwanteduw pests. fox5 continues to follow developments at the school schol takes action leaving the kidseas without a classroom.t a clasoom. >> and it's one of the biggestig come backs in the history of the game. it's actually the biggest comebc back in the history of they of e game. new england patriots rally from a big deficit.def they defeat the falcons andlc clinch the historic win. win. >> a live look outside it issids monday morning, february 6,brua 2017. we'll have weather and traffic a coming up on the 5s at s 7:05.good monday.mond i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m s e welcome to fox5 news morning.mor let's take a look last nightni nrg stadium in houston just a ja few minutes ago all quiet thist morning but last night what
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different scene it was. [laughter] [laughter] >> new england fans who made the trip to houston celelabrated the historic super bowl victory. >> there it is. >> there's a little bit of>> it. >> that's better. >> there it i. stunning win put their coach c and star quarterback in thertere history books. fox's joel waldman was there. tr he has highlights on what'swha being called the greatestgrest comeback in super bowlban supe history. [cheers and applause]d applause >> the new england patriotsland proved that they can keep winning super bowls after an amazing comeback against theome atlanta falcons sunday >> playing in overtime for the championship, so doesn't getso e any closer than that. th >> reporter: the super bowl goes into overtime for theim first time in history afterme i the patriots comen hi back fromc the grave. the falcons unable to holdh them off.. >> penalties and just, youes anu know, just mistakes and so, s you know, i don't think it was s one thing or another.ano
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and there. >> reporter: the falcons t were up big inhe f the thirdhe d quarter before falling apart. ap >> i think for sure we ran out of gas. gas. i can't tell you how hard had these guys battled for it. i >> reporter: the patriotspa scoring 19 points in the t fourth quarter with runningni back james white scoring thehite winning touchdown in overtime.. >> he did it. >> i mean, i don't think itthint was -- i mean you're playingre g with fire if you're likeu're li trying to manage the clocknage h when you're down eight pointshos so just get it in however youev can and james ran it in. in what did he have three he have e touchdowns tonight? unbelievable. >> reporter: patriots fans fa never giving up faith whenfaithw their team was down.r team was d >> they never give up.he i think they went in they in the locker room and belichick toldid them never give up.ever give >> reporter: autlanta fansnta fs can't believe the falconsfa couldn't hold on for the for the victory. victory. >> we should have won theshou game. i'm heartbroken. >> reporter: boston is goingld to hold a paraede fori' thr:e be patriots this week with their famous duck boats.famous d in houston at super bowl li, joel wal
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>> line up at their assignedassd spots lior the parade.parde. the search is on for tomor brady's super bowl jersey. jer brady told reporters and thend t team owner that his gamesme jersey disappeared from hisom hs locker when the game was ever. he said he put in it thisit this locker but as he was getting ready to leave it was worn. wor security and staff went to a look for it but atnd this point it it is still missing.missin >> what could have happened tod the jhaersey.jers >> if somebody took it theyk can never show it off. off. >> got to be somebody in thebe d organization, right?y ganizatir? >> that's an open locker room, m too, press is in ,there.ere. >> it's an open locker >> gutsy move who would douldo that. he just misplacedst milace it. it former president george h.w.den. bush and first lady barbarab bush a great moment before theto game got a standing ovationme ai they were brought out for the ceremonial coin toss. to >> president bush would yould please toss y the coin.o [cheers and applause] >> it is
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public appearance by the bush couple since theyple were both hospitalized just sizs last month.h. the 92-year-old formerold for president was treated for pneumonia.. mrs. bush is 91. 91 she had bronchitis. she was there with him in thee e hospital. hosp >> and they rode a >> good to see thendm come t bac >> they came out from the zonee side by side he of course ini his wheelchair and she waslchaid riding in the side o sf the golf cartwright there right next toh it. >> what a blessing.a blessi 92 and 91.nd all righty.righty >> all right. speakingll of presidents another obstacle for the currente for tn president's executive order onun immigration. a federal appeals court court denying the justicesti department's emergency request e to reinstate the order whicher blocks travelers from sevenm sen majority muslim nations froms fm entering the u.s.. the ninth circuit court of appeals requesting previousqu from both sides before meakingmk its final decision on theon on e order. already this morning twoy states have filed theithr new legal documents. now it's up to the justice juste department. as we wait for more m previously detained travelerstr to arrive in our area..
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at dulles airport with more onmn the ongoing saga.goi good mornnging, >> reporter: good morning,ter:oo allison and steve.rnsteve yeah, there's a flight comingmig in from ethiopia at 10 o'clock0 this morning.ning. we expect that the yemeni brothers, the aziz brothers br who were here last weekend andn sent back home who are at theehe heart of the virginia lawsuita may be on that flight comingghtg here this as you mentioned this is a isa court battle.ttle. the states of washington andd minnesota already this morning have filed their briefs with the federal appeals court in san francisco.frasco. the justice department hasnt has until 6 o'clock tonight tomt file its brief. in the meanfitime there haveeree been reunions at airports here and around the country thishis weekend as the travel ban has been temporarily lifted.fted rough are 60,000 foreigners0,00s according to the state the sta department had their visas put in limbo by this.t as you mentioned, donald trump p had tweeted about it over the weekend. he was on the fox televisionel before the super bowl with with
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4 o'clock before the kickoff kif and was asked about the travel the president saying he's he's trying to keep the nation safe s and secure.secu >> you had 109 people out ofe of hundreds of thousands ofds of tf travelers and all we did wasidwa vet those people very, veryry, y carefully. >> you would and do anything ang differently if you had to doy iu it over again. a >> some of the people didn't t really know what the orderder was. was. >> that's not what general gener kelly is. y general kelly who is now now secretary kelly said he totally knew he was aware ofwarf it and it was very smooth.m it was 109 people.eo >> reporter: the homelandhe security security secretaryuritt john kelly is who thehn kellyo president was referring toeferro there. some in congress guys saying sag this whole dispute over thever travel ban could end up at the t supreme court. c we're here at internationalnter arrivals at dulles for whatforwt we're and expecting will bepecte some more reunions as thes as th travel ban is in limbo still temporarily lifted, guys. gys. >> bob thanks. 7:06. let's get to tucker baes
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things are about to change.chan. >> yeah, i meaway.wa. temperatures are on the rise. r we'll be well into the 50's 50 this afternoon. we might do 70no for a spot ort two tomorrow. i mean, even here in the city ci we'll be well into the 60's bysy tomorrow afternoon.rrow aft temperatures on the rise thees next couple days and again, temperatures 10 degrees plus us above normal today and 20 plus s by tomorrow.row. so, haven't seen a lot of seen winter the last couple weeks.upe 35 now at reagan national.atl. i want to meant chilly outmeantt there early this morning. this g dulles up in baltimore at bwi marshall 27 degrees.rshall lots of sunshine for your27 yur monday. ay nice quiet afternoon.terno. daytime highs as mentioned inti the mid-50's and just -- ist --i won't show you the seven dayeved right now but we've got raingot in the forecast for tomorrowo and believe it or not we mighte have snow around by thursday morning. stay tuned if you can. >> i thought you said tun 70 degrees. degrees >> today 56.>> tomorrow mid 60's, few spots sp close to 70's. 70's. >> and then snow.>> a then snow >> and then snow. and then snow >> maybe by
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>> falcons forecast o-firstns f half really good then it kindord of falls off. of. >> don't do the birds thatat way. erin good >> good good morn 7:07. it is a busy one right nowght nw dealing with a lot of problems. own pi is over georgetown pike dealing with an inbound inboun closure right now at lee millle road o it looks like right now as they zoom out they'rey zoomu' starting to let traffic to let through. there was an overtu rnedver vehicle they had to get towedet out of the way. leesburg pike a better bet. bet. heavy traffic in both directions in great falls.reat. moving from skyfox another crash we're dealing with right now with a look at ourdealr cameras. way out intinour germantown they did readjustrea the camera to 270 right now. n southbound traffic lookingund good as you maketr your way down towards the spur.spur however, this is the overpassers underneath that pointh middlebrook road out byutb germantown pike the entranceente there at 270 we're dealingealng with a lot of lanes blocked sokd extra time needed to get to t 270 but the good news isws is traffic flowing once you getowit there. a live look at a house fire in southeast. this is alabama avenue.ven it's stillhu
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road as well as 25th streetsteet and denver street. active fire scene andand investigation.inveson. metrobus on delay.. orange line delays. problem by str back to you guys. gus. >> ♪♪ op storiesop stories now this morning in theorning ie 7 o'clock hour.clock ho. teenaged boy shot and killedd k in northeast northst d.c th.e shooting happened around 9:30 last night on anacostia road. so far there haven't been any ay arrests. we'll bring you updates asd soon as we get them. tm >> also learning more detailsdes about an indiana university college student from rockvilleo that will died over the will edh weekend. police say this man brady distefano being held without bond facing assault charges.rge. on friday night distefano gotstt into an altercation with caleb zweig and choked him. him the fraternity issued aea statement saying we offer ourr r deepest condolences to caleb's a fami
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as new details emerge we'llm continue to monitor and reviewee the situation along with localwa and university and officials.ffa right down to the> ri elementary level right now agh l follow-up to a story rig htyou first here on fox5 happeningp today classes at savoyt svoy elementary school in southeast d.c. canceled. can they try to get on top of a bed bug and rodentd rodent infestation. >> our melanie alnwick is livel this morning outside of d.c. d. school headquarters with the latest now. nw. mel. >> reporter: hey, good hey, morning guys, yeah friday wasdas when all of this boiled over, o, the frustration and anger fromrm students, from teachers, fromm parents as well and we broughtrt those concerns to d.c. schools chancellor antawn wilson onon on friday and then shortly afterlyr that he visited the school and d was not too much longer thater t they sent out the noticeotice saying that there would be nobe school today or tomorrow whileow they work to take care of this s problem.problem. now, the cleaning of savoy elementary school began after a dismissal on friday.riday. a thorough cleaning of theh clee entire building not only
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all soft materials in thema building are being replaced asa reporting problems with ratss ws and bed bugs since the fall despite one scrub down of theowe building and an ongoingn o cleaning plan the infestationesn continued. frustrated parents reached out t to fox and frustrated parentspa staged a walk out. >> i think it's important.mpota. bed bugs are very nasty and contagious so i think it wasnk s very smart of the school. s >> i think the school has to take care of the needs andneedsd health of the kids. kid >> reporter: so, you seesee there that despite the fact fact there will be two days kids will not be in school and parents have will have tove wilo figure something out they'reet inhi generally support of thisfh decision to close the schoolhe l today and tomorrow.morr. now, students will still bee
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breakfast lunch and dinner atndt the berry farms recreationecrion center. also, on wednesday classescl will be held but they'll bel held in a different campus at at the hope public school andol and d.c. schools will be providingng transportation. information on thetarmation onhe transportation plan will beatio available we're told after 3 o'clock tuesday on the school's facebook page.aceb live at d.c. public schools scos headquarters melanie alnwickrs fox5 local mnews. >> boston's biggest celebritys i fan left the super bowl before it was sup over not happy. tell you why the actor left ft next. >> plus, did you watch the did u game for the watch commercials?i from the popular to theopular te political and down rightigt uncomfortable like this one. we're sharing your favoritesng y and our favorites, too, next., . >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ know you can save today for what's important tomorrow.
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>> ♪♪. >> welcome back.>> it is 7:14 on this post superosr bowl monday.y. >> so, one of the patriots'pat biggest fans actually missedly d the amazing ending to the game t last night.. actor mark wahlberg who ofrg w course is a boston guy, grewu up there, was at the game withmi his family. there you see him on the fieldf before the game but heie left before the overtime touchdown.u. patriots fans called him outim u saying he probably thoughtbabl they were going to after the game he twee eted out this photo explaining that his s youngest son little guy justy jt wasn't feeling well and ifnd if they want to call him out foruto leaving they should praise him o because maybe him leaving was the lucky you know what i mean e maybe he was the good luck u charm. >> maybe his son wasn't is son was feeling well because the patriots were down.e d >> can we just go home now. >> yeah. >> i would probably feel thattha way. >> that's cute.hat' >> cute family.>> cutfamily >> nice looking. >> hey, lots of excitinglots ofx weather to talk about. mid-50's this after
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mid 60's tomorrow.omrrow. wheel see a few snowflakes bysfy thursday morning o35 now in that park of washington.s let me mention one more time moe we've got lots of 20's in places like dulleslles fredericksburg, leonardtownksbu you guys are all at thel freezing mark this morning. marm so it's chilly out there.. 22 up in binghamton, 32 in boston this morning where i'm sure they're at some point yous got to get used to just havingth a parade every year must gets kind of old.kind o >> i don't think so. i d >> really. >> i wouldn't think so.>> r >> right w.ould probably like to have it.e sunshine for us today andan quiet conditions.t we'll have some corain aroundrou tomorrow but it's going to bengo bring this incredibly mild air r for february with th temperatures, oh, 20 plus0 plus degrees above normal tuesday, wednesday. maybe it ends as a briefbrief period of snow thursday and an you could see the temperatureses respect bouncing, bounce,bo bounce, bounce.ounce. >> i like tomorrow, though. tho. >> right. >> yeah.. >> 50's today. 40's, 30's an0'ds totdahen baco 60's. >> kind of weird.of weird.
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>> it's 39.>> it's . tomorrow 67 and then 39 in thee same week. same >> back to 64 by the w end of the week.ek. >> thanks tucker.>> >> crazy. t what are you doing to usre youo >> this is when everybody gets sick. we all have to wash our hen hands.ha >> it a. hi, erin good morning.o >> good morning.>> good mo i hope everybody got to seee the tucker interpretive danceprv moves to the bounce, bounce, bo bounce. >> it was nice. >> it was good. >> did we not see>>t was gotod. >> no. >> we have fox5 do it -- yout have to do it when you do your u weather report card. card stadium-armory blue and silvers drains to franconia wiehle and reston. re congestion from blue and from bd silver train. as we look at our maps route rou one closed both directions.ns. there's a big crash at whiskeyhy bottom road.ttom as you make your way out you yu can see that congestiononge building around that area. aro keep in mind to and from thefroe baltimore beltway 95 or bw parkway better bets to get youe around that one. northbound 295 in the districtit there's a crash blocking thecki right lane at benning road sod some delays coming up northng ur past 11th street bridge on theet northboundsi
7:18 am
road. southbound congestion heavynd cn from 50 down as well. well. 50 inbound jammed fro e beltway to 295 and then newthe york avenue very slow past for the outer loop commute we have a crashter lo blocking thef lane at connecticut avenue.icut there's about a 30 minuteinte delay from 95 over to the 270th spur now as you try to get through kensington. bw parkway north and nd southbound by powder mill road a heaviest congestion picking c up. 95 aon gebeintterg bet. 270 southbound volume buildingb 70 to not terrible.. 10 minute delay. de. rest of the morning commuteth from virge iniamo through fairfa 66 eastbound heavy volume.vol same story bottom of thetory beltway inner loop across the wilson bridge. we'll keep you posted on yourneo drive. you poste that's your traffic.d on at's y steve outraafnd altfionc. back o >> last night wasn't justt jus about the super bowl. it was also oouf t cthourse aboc the commercials. many thought the commercialsommr were hit or miss just kind of eh. >> as a whole class.. >> average. >> some of them, okay, othersots weren't so well received.receed. wisdom is here in studio todio help us sort through the good,
7:19 am
>> i thought they looked likekel just regular commercials toularm me.mercia >> they >> didn't look like anythinglool special and a i went onnt on twitter and said that andand sad people were are you kidding me. >> people liked some of them.t let's talk about what we liked e first. >> okay. >> since we have control of the mike phones and the tv. . steve you and i liked the sameh one. >> cam newton. >> loved that cam newton commercial of him pushing kidsss around. >> i liked that because it made me laugh. >> it was mt was >> we're actually seeinghilar it now. >> this was actually a buickllya commercial. ci >> and i remember what it wasemm for. >> yes. >> because he said if that's ahat's a buick, then my son who washo as playing terrible at the time,le is cam newton.newt >> then my kid's cam newton.n >> what i love about it too is s when he's cam newton now alltn of a sudden the receivers areive i'm opened but don't throw me tm the ball now.ow. >> and then he drills them with the ball and he fallsls back. >> now he's just like i'mike i'm okay, i'm okay.kay. >> look at this.s. >> awww. >> that's me at home with myt hw kids right thereit.e >> no, no, no, not going to
7:20 am
happen. >> wow. >> that's pretty clever.eclever >> i thought that was good.ught >> that was t good too. t soup model at the end. mod >> that added a little.t added i >> that didn't tha >> that didn't hurtt .didn't hu. >> it brought another elementher to it.t. allison what was your favorite. >> i'm the softy.hat wa >> i'm t i like sdofty. the anheuser bush commercial where mr. anheuserr.s comes to america, goes to that,o saintes louis, meets mr. bush in a bar and history begins.ns. >> okay. >> we're seeing that right seeig >> yeah. was a wwas a -- this thought provoking it was a more serious on.eriou >> it was a feel good one. >> feel good one.l good one. >> because you know what'sse y going to happen and i don'ton't know, they say that they did thd it before all the immigrationm talk with the newtalk administration, so, you know, you got to btieon, lieve that ii just one of those feel goodfeeld stories, what good can happen hn when people come frome from different countries.eren >> there were a lot of --re first of a wll ier don't --n probable a lot of people that ta don't realize that anheuser and bush were real people.peo >> it's real. >> buts also, you know, it
7:21 am
weird like the mercedes ad andme i get it you're going after tare don't know what easy rider is re these days.ese day >> i liked it because i know -- oh, wait a minute.e. i kind of liked spuds >> people under the age of 30 don't know whom spudsom spuds mackenzie is.enzie >> and it was lost on you.t waso >> i liked that adst but i wasi like does spuds mackenzieac sound like to. >> he looked kind of weird.d kin >> arms were long.>> i liked the a sentimental andimd then when he opened the bud --bu i don't know. i'm a softy. sof >> let's talk about this.'s this was tal huge. hug this created a a lot ofo conversation. this is the 84 lumber 84 commercial that a lot ofcial people are talking about. it was about a famil ay tryinreg to cross the border sincer we're talking about moret thought provoking more deeperepe commercials. this was about a family tryingyi to cross the border, right, orgr getting ready to cross theto cre boer.r. now, fox had this company, 84mp lumber -- they had to recut reut this. because the original whichl whih we're going to show a clip oflif the original right here whenrige they actually go up to a
7:22 am
area had the border.ea h this is the original -- thisina is the original right here that we're looking at right rigt here. all right. so, we all k now that the wallthe very controversial becauseersiae that's what the president is talking about building a wall wa between mexico and the unitede e states. tates. >> yeah. >> so, this one more thought provoking, more controversial,tv if you will.if you w. >> but i didn't get it.ut i so, are they sa dying we're w're going to enforce it or noww they're coming through, thoughth 84 lumber built the wall? for r me when it first came on, ion went 'cause it said to see the h conclusion go to the the >> it was not there.t was it was broken so that's a failt because our memories aree ou short. shor >> right. >> and then when i finally didyd go back it was beautifullyauifuy shot. i just don't understand whatndet is -- is 84 lumber keepingumber people out. o >> there was a lot of that going on. a lot of people were like hm,e , what and then go to the web we site. >> if i'm looking at
7:23 am
>> snickers commercial that was live du >> how about the mr. clean.r. c. >> my kids were like that's weird. >> my daughters were like oh my gosh that's awful.hat's awfu send us your response about abo these commercials.mercials let us know #good day d.c. d.c. go on our social media web medib site. >> something not awful, youhing wisdom martin. n from thesd commercials to halftime show. >> going goo goo for gaga. so far the memes this morning.
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>> ♪♪ >> all right. watch this carefully. watch erg to dod weather faster than brady scoreder tha touchdowns lastn b night. ready? okay o-35 degrees ingren washington. wind chill 31 .wind chi 31 . >> [hter]ter] >> we got clear skies oute got k there. i'm trying to tie in the super r bowl with weather.athe hey, clear skies, going to be sn a beautiful monday for you.r yo. our daytime highs will be inhs w the mid-50's this afternoon and look what we have to lookha forward to tuesday andrward are you t kidding? 60's aroundround here. showers both days.showers both d this whole thing could wrap up as a period of snow earlyearly thursday morning so a lot of mor weather to talk about thisk abos week but let's start with a 56 5 sunshine this afternoon.hine th enjoy a beautiful day t erin is happy. >> looks pretty good tucker. >> thanks erin. >> i liked it. pre >> really appreciate it thaty ap you liked it. >> thank you. 7:26. ow this is southeast.out still a really big scene firee e department on location housen he fire alabama avenue at naylorene road impacting thetingthe intersections of alabama ands oa 25th as well as alabama andma d denver streets.reets. so please use caution
7:27 am
metrobus on delay. de looks like this scene it again d closures still causing traffic c problems in southeast rightms i now around then scene.ce moving over to our maps metro mr rails on delay this blue and silver drains tos to franconia and wiehle rest res son:problem at crowded orange line trainsd or because of that with delays tod vienna possible. allison and steve back to you. >> comedian melissa mccarthyccry on sml. sml >> she took the role of white oi house press secretary and manyy say she nailed it.say she backing in a moment. ment.
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7:29 am
i would like to begin today byk apologizing on behalfe to of yoo
7:30 am
me. >> saturday night live onceda again taking aim at the trumpmp administration. melissa mccarthy making a guesta appearance on saturday.aturda acting as press secretary seants spicer. she came out of the just minuten after alec baldwin played pla president trump and as hederump usually does. 7:30. president trump and opening up u with fox's bill o'reilly.eiy they sat down to talk aboutalk executive orders on immigrationg and much more. more joining me hadas gold media reporter p >> there was a response finallyl from sean spicer yesterday as tt this indication we're crossingne the boundary of mean.da of me >> yeah, he was saying that inni reference to the donald trumptod impression for mel list kamac k kathy impression of himself. she chewing too much gum there.e but i think a lot of -- i know o lot of political reporters on saturday night were absolutely t tickled by that it was really funny.y funny it was really fun to see mel list kamac kathy come on to snls and for a lot of us who haveav dealt with press secretary it'sc just like seeing one of
7:31 am
colleagues be made fun of aguese little bit. so it was a really entertainingn sketch. >> i didn't realize at first.n'e i didn't know she was paralt ofp the showar.. >> right when she called walkled out is that melissa mccarthy ity had to go back to the beginningn and it was just like that is is her. r. but can we take this for a nutete. if sean spicer is willing to critique that performance sayinn chewing too much gum can we say, okay, he's kind of rolling withw this a little bit when it comesm to himself maybe more protectine of the joss. js. >> he's definitely i think hedei would say that pretty clearlynil himself.elf that there needs to be more beor respect he would say for theayor president and for himself. h did he say that as you noted that the impressions of donaldon trump on snl have gone from sors of funny to mean where here h literally has the grim reaperea pulling strings behind him justi a funnyngs impression of him mg fun of him. h >> it kind of goes back innd oe history.stor they made fun of president bushs you can go back to chevy chase a doing gerald ford falling dow
7:32 am
the steps of air force >> there's a difference between falling down the steps and the grim reaper telling you how toiw run the country.e coun >> is that what it was they tooo it too far.ooar. snl has been clear about how they feel about donald trump and election. mckeon yann playing clinton singing hallelujah a sad song oo the piano. if that doesn't send the messags how they felt about how the the election went i don't know whatw will. >> alec bald hosting next week.. >> a lot of donald trump. tmp i wouldn't be surprised if theyf put in other characters.raer alec baldwin is versatiletile performer done a lot of stuff hh has a history with snl. pretty donald trump centricic episode. >> let's bring it ba tock yesterday the super bowl.ow sean spicer was there. there. he's a long-time new england ela fan. the president was in miami or in palm beach and root are to the patriots. they ended up happy in the longg n.n. it doesn't seem either of them e stayed at their parties to seeas
7:33 am
>> donald trump brag about he'ss good friends with tom brady andy knows the coach, the patriots coaches pretty well.y w they are winners and they arenda winners and they proved toprov o really come back from a really a big deficit last night and iht heard lot of people at least att the super bowl i was at talking about the parallels between then game and the election where att some point it looked like the t falcons couldn't lose they werer y by so much. and yet they blew the lead.. >> right. you never know what will happen in the end.know whe e let's talk about the bill ab o'reilly interview which was was going to get a lot of buzz ahead of time and i think with the super bowl commercials release e little bit of it ahead of time. to kind of bait us in to get tot us watch and what did you takedu away from that? >> well, i mean, those were somm really interesting comments that donald trump made especially about equate wagon the russian government does and what thent e american government does.icanovr and i think a lot of people werw taken a back by that includingli current members of congressmembf right now. c right no very unhappy with that sort oftf statement. some people understand kind ofd what donald trump is trying topo get at but definitely i thinkitl most people say not equivalencen between a government ap
7:34 am
killing of journalists in russis and versus what the american government does.nt d there was a lot of interesting s statements coming out of that. n bill o'reilly actually pressedle him kind of tried to press himf on the voter fraud case ande donald trump at one point,oi, forget it. i mean, interviews get a lot off attention and they always areaya news see and most importantlympt and probably donald trump really cares about this, there seen by potentially more than half the t country. >> especially the super bowlsupw such a huge audience if wef taking. >> to like you said about thehe comments when it comes to russis and then what the president said about here kind of referring to that, and congress not knowingng exactly what he's saying hereyig and then we had the other o question of course with theurit travel ban, um, bill o'reilly put it out there saying members of the administration didn'tini really appear to know what washw going on to which you respondedo secretary kelly did.y ke is that one of the things we'll' look at in these first 100 daysy of office the communicationommui between everybody involved in running this country?everyb >> yes, they're already
7:35 am
recognizing that theys th didn'1 such a great job of doing thatna the first two weeks. wks new york times reporter this weekend reince priebus is taking charge more ofce p how this weee created a ten-point plan anyn time they have new act making m sure the right people arepl notified. which is basically what a normar white house should be doing and should be functioning under.nd and they've come in thinking thn they can, you know, drain thehe swamp, below up the wholehe w process, but it doesn't quiteoe work the way that same way if you're the only ones trying to g blow up the process andoce everybody else you need to worke with still operating under the t old rules. d rule >> right. no doubt about it. rn onno the flyly situation in many cases. ces >> it is.. >> it's only been two weeks.twoe >> that's what i mean a ways toy go. get to the first 100 days. we'll see how it goss. hadas, thanks for joining usninu once again. 7:35.7: send things over to tuck and get look at the forecast.t reca >> we're looking at incrediblyry mild temperatures for february.. starting later this afternooner and then tuesday and wednesdayne we'll be well into the 60s. t 6s 35 now in washington.ashito 37 up in new york boston celebrating at
7:36 am
32 lots of 20s locally outside ther lots of sunshine, quiet,et, beautiful weather to lookful wel forward tooo today. and temperatures abouts about 10 degrees above ave n so enjoy a nice afternoon quick look at your planner.plne 55 degrees at 4:00 p.m. nice and mild out there. and you can turn mil the heaters ofr the day.. seven day coming up momentarilyy i've got 60s and the chance ofhe snow on the seven day.ay you'll want to see that. >> erin, over to you. >> i'm going to let you in onn o little secret after the superhep bowl food we consumed yesterdays i've been drinking warm lemon water.water >> is it helping.>> is . >> so much. to make you some >> can i borrow a lemon slice.. >> yes i have half a let me lon in the fridge for you. y if you're waking up this mondaya switch problem stadium armorytam blue and silver line delays forr metro delays to franconia and ad wiehle reston orange lines to three metro rails not so hottro this morning. as for you mute northbound 295 crash blocks the righ
7:37 am
big delays there.yshe southbound side super jammed from tiff fief tow down towardsf the 11th street bridge. t starts to open up 11ath bit aftr pennsylvania.nnsylvania 50 inbound through cheverly verr slow to 295. 2 and then for the rest of your y maryland commute earlier crashra did clear that was out byut by georgia. but look at those delays.elay you're delayed from basically bw parkway over to the 270 spur sr with about 30 minute delay. and then southbound andthbod northbound bw parkway heavy traffic.trafc. 95 southbound picking up aspicks well. and we do have northbound crashc bw parkway at 193 blocking the left lane.e that's causing delays back to to riverdale park. pk. hmm, lots of problems on thes oe roads. back to you steve and allison. still ahead before you filel your taxes there is a warning ar from the feds. feds. >> personal information may beln at risk. what you need to know next.wex ♪♪ ♪♪
7:38 am
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>> new twist on tax exam thatwi may put your private information at risk. irs says there's ast w o pri2 fs scam and exam e-mail fraudsterst send a fake e-mail pretending td be a high level incorporatete employee requesting informationa about w2 and payroll information don't fall it. irs will never e-mail asking for er-maiany personal information.i in the coming months you may soon see some construction nearn the washington mon the national capitol planning commission has okayed the desigs of a new visitors screening seei center. er the new center will replaceer wl temporary structure that was ths built after the 9/11 attacks.acs it's expected to take about twot and a half years to complete
7:41 am
tucker is now just -- jt >> yeah.ea i don't like it it thr cking out right neckightec the monument.onen >> it doesn't belong there.t te >> okay. >> how about some queen news?enw >> how about underground.eround. >> happening today the queen ofg england celebrating t modilestoe she commemorates her 65th 6h anniversary as queen.en. so what would you get a woman who seemingly has everything?ven >> satisfy fires perhaps? it ii officially the 65th years year of her reign the sapphire is the. the queen now 90 years o. >> my mother used to say shesedy remembered her coronation like this moment. ment. it's >> literally multipleulpl generations. >> multiple generations.ultipl when we come back we'lle take a look back at lady gaga's halfa'h time performance and kevin kevin mccarthy is live in la with a review of the new 50 shades shas sequel. stay with us.s. it's 7:41. ♪♪
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the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. >> time right now 7:44.ime here's what's comingri up on goo day today. t live with justin kirk and and natalie martinez.. they're stars of new fox show called atv. it debuts after 24 legacy later to tonight. >> performing live in the loft, pop soul crooner and vh1 you1 ought to know artist russellussl taylor is with us. us. you won't want to miss that.s ta >> very cool.ery allll right. >> another thing why don't theyt put that visitors center
7:45 am
underground. >> that's what i just said.s whs i don't understand that. >> that would be a wholeho production number building numr underground. >> hello. hlo >> how many do we spend on the >> would the so offensive about it. >> it's out there. it'out >> it doesn't look right.doest o >> that's a scientific analysisi >> steve is right.>> steve is r. it doesn't look right.oesn'took >> i don't have a problem withbw it, i guess.uess. i'm used to the temporaryporary structure so it's already theree it's been there for years. years >> it will be right up against u the base of the monument.nument >> yeah. yeah. >> okay.>>kay. we'll show it again. >> because we're outraged.ut. >> we are.. any way -- - >> great how we randomly havey v things to be outraged about.d at you will not be outraged aboutut the weather if you like mildmild temperatures.te snow lovers may be outraged by b the seven day.. but everybody else is going toot be rejoicing early spring sprin temperatures h 35 in 32 leonardtown. quantico 30 degrees.grees. yes, 20s here just off to the oo west.west. so it's certainly cold earlyd this morning. manassas is 24. 2 28 out at dulles.ul 32 up in frederick this morning. overnight here with clear ses
7:46 am
we were able to cool down the atmosphere, and you can see that we've got some premperatures to. sunshine, quiet, beautiful, high pressure to our south will leada to a very warm afternoon or howo about mild afternoon? we'lle' safe warm for tomorrow andomorrd wednesday. our next rain maker will be al a warm front which will slide sli through late tonight and earlyar tomorrow as an area of low l pressure yet this is sort ofortf pattern drag the areas of lowfow pressure up into the great lakes region later tonight and a tomorrow and then that puts ushu on the warm side of thing. so not your imagination.tion temperatures running well abovee normal january and here we go.rd looks like much of february well above normal temperatures asrat well. 50s for us later today. tay 60s tomorrow with some showers s and believe it or not, i'll show you the seven day in second.n sn i have surprise for you. y there's future cast at 2:00 a.m. just want to show you that tha morning commute tomorrow i thini we'll have rain showers around.. seven, 8:00 o'clock for youror r morning commute tomorrow.omorw. sorry, erin and then we'll getlg afternoon sunshine partly sunnys tomorrow afternoon and very andr mild.
7:47 am
he next couple of days, wow, 67, 66 on wednesday.ednesday by the way these will be reallyl close to records and then we mae end it as a period of wet snoww early thursday morning. cold air rushes in.s in. yeah. let's get this weather party pty started. before we bounce back to near 6 by next sunday we're all over the place this week.ple th starting with today, 56 degrees. >> let's concentrate on the 60ss that sounds really good.ood. >> next couple of days.ext >> i'll enjoy>> i'll we'll worry about the badenjo ss later. right now, new metro delays. dey power problem outside friendshii heights. so right now we're dealing withw residual delays in bothn b directions on the red line a busy area this time of morningfi allow for extra time. tim thing starting to get back tockt normal. no still dealing with switch problem stadium armory blue andd silver delays to franconia and wiehle-reston causing possible p delays on the orange line to envy nanny. so big problems with metro thist morning. also on the roads northbound 295 crash blocking right lane athtae benning road.g r you can see a lot of backed bked traffic on the southbound sideh as well fromsi 50 down towards pennsylvania av
7:48 am
and give you a live look at cheverly.. heavy flow nom crashes tom craso report. beltway to 295 all ow for 15 extra minutes. mes outbound 50 looking really nicea right now this morning.or we'll keep updated on youred onu commute and take a look at 66 6 parking lot in the outer loop 9p to georgia with a 30 minuteinute delay. back to you guys. ♪♪ >> lady gaga wowing the crowd ww during the half time show dove e into the stadium from the roof o suspended by wires there it isrt thrilling the audience with thew entrance, back drop of dancing drones lit up in red, white andd they flew formation forms aorms fluttered flag before theyd flar entered the avoid the political commentaryy ending her high energyhne performance with the words supep bowl li drop the mike and jump m and goodbye.. >> drop the mike, catch the the football, that's a lot.
7:49 am
>> from a production standpointt i thought it was flawless.lawls. i thought they nailed it.hey nad >> me too. somebody said on twitter andaiwi it's true, she doesn't have to t make political statement because she is a political statement.. >> right. >> born this way. >> while most fans think ladynkd gaga's half time was a hit somee had a little fun with her pop h man the meme machines were out.t here's a tweet from at martin jn pop he tweets the simpsons predicted everything.ryin hash tag pepsi half time hash tag super bowl a lot of spongefo bob compare sons the same way.a. >> i saw that. the new splinter cell is going to be sick lady gaganter half te show. show >> all right tee. and then at girl post tweeted this. lady gaga trying to -- there itt is. trying to out do sponge bob. sponge bob has little boots on.. >> hash tag too cute. >> okay. [ laughter ]ughter >> good stuff.tu. >> funny. >> speak of good stuff let's head out to la and chef ckgo int kevin mccarthy he has a lot toot talk about today.oday. what's going on, kev? goodd morning.
7:50 am
steve. this is going to be massive movie weekend coming up thigoini past friday -- this next fridayi i'm so excite. 50 shades darker, john wick twow and lego batman. i'll have all the reviews onwsn friday all three of those filmss are relatively different in in genre. which is kind of cool counternt programming but i ogsat down with one of tht big stars this weekend of 50 shades darker jamie dornan an an actor who's incredible whoeho obviously in a show call the c fall now he's in the 50 shades e of gray franchise.nchi originally going to be charliehe hun ham he was then cast five fe weeks before the productionction start of the first 50 shades of gray. first one by the way made $571 million on a $40 millioniln budget. sat down with him this weekendhw to talk about the sequel and byb the way, steve, you'll love thee last part of this interview.ew watch this. >> i was looking in christian'ss room toward the end of the filmt and there's a posteher on his wl for the chronicles of rid
7:51 am
i was wondering what the choicec was there and is that somethingi that he liked growing up and do you know his movie tastes?tes? >> no, i mean that was somethini sort of limited discussion withh the art department, but what buw would be up there and they ranyn some stuff by me and some stufff i thought would be kind of funny. also a film made by universal so that sort of, you know, and thet timing was right. right so that sort of played into it a little bit as well.le b as we >> also ufc poster they haveey your mom's picture.icre does that mean that christian is like into ufc,.. >> one thing christian did comee across a little bit tougher. he wanted physically to be -- aa little bit more imposing in thih movie. and to show that he could sortlr of handle himself and was bit b rough the idea that maybe he was into ultimate fighting madeg sense to him.see to >> that's awesome. asome irenely got married in october.r >> congratulations.ongratul >> something i find interestinge even if i hug somebody i wantint to say lauren i hugged a girld l today. is that joke.hake >> i'm wondering when you haveri to da
7:52 am
you're married, like you have tt shoot scenes like that, is thats something you like -- do you dou have a discussion? do you say i have to shoot she's scenes? i can't imagine what that's like?? >> i mean there's a wee bit off that. th to be honest my wife used to be an actress she knows the scorehs and she knows it's just work.. >> sure.. >> it's a strange way to spend a day, but it is all make believee so it's kind of like fine and if, um, i -- massive benefit although she's she used to doo that. she has a total understanding of it all much it's kind of fine.. >> cool. i got to say you and i could bee best friends you're rocking thee chucks. ch >> yeah right. .> this is pretty awesome >> i saw on conan o'brien saying you like the forward beauford i and out.. >> i've always done the doubleed double. do >> what do you get get the fouru by four.our. >> lettuce, cheese. ces >> you get everything.ou g you get everything.g. >> it's not on the menu. menu i was -- i was told about it my first earlier experiences of la and i was always jus
7:53 am
around trying to get a job and j not really succeeding so i spene a lot of time queuing up the someone, someone from here livel here a long time. time. i'm actually starving.g. me t get the four by four. four. so that's how -- i can't- can remember who it was. someone introduced me to it. >> steve, we're talking about it the interview talking about thii thing called four by four. fou for people don't know in and out burger major chain on the westts coast.t incredible burger in my opinionn but i didn't know that there was a four patti version of this burger. off the e me so i went yesterday, and i'm actually surprised that i'mhat'm still living. livg. i honestly could not move. me. >> i saw your picture.icture >> i couldn't move the rest ofte the day.ay i mean here's the thing.. it tasted amazing but honestlyly if i walked three steps i was out of breath after it was doned it was brutal.rutal. >> what did you get on it, kev.v >> dagwood burger.r. >> just cheese and burgers
7:54 am
but by the way, i didn't even ee know how crazy it was going tong be. i do to mention one more thing g about jamie dornan. everyone knows 50 shades movie e the sexual element what peopleen want to see, but one is one of the most graphic ones i've ever seen in a film. ifil , in a movie theater i will sayy that question i asked him abouto his wife how do you shoot those scenes and you're married? i i just don't get how -- how actort do's that. it's insane. >> acting, kev.ev. >> yeah. >> it's not acting.cting. how is that acting? i justus don't understand how that's ts acting. >> it's got a different name ifi it's not acting.ctg. >> right. that's a good point. goo point. >> so it's acting.>>'s >> you're right. >> all right>>. >> all right, kev, i hope yourou tummy is okay. okay. >> honestly steve the best bes burger i ever had my life but it will never do it ever again.. >> thanks, kev.>>s, >> see you next hour. see you >> say good morning to ourur facebook fan of the day. day. the honor goes to amanda,
7:55 am
thumbs up.p. hey, a man today. man today. she's been watching fox5 sincexs she was a youngster.ster. >> we love to hear to at fox5 is always on.n it was on as she got ready for school 30 years later she stilll turns it on every morning. m thank you. we appreciate your loyalty. l if you would like to be fan of l the day, just post your picture below amanda's. ♪♪ >> tucker, good morning.r >> i used to watch when i was w younger, too.oo. >> tony doing the weather wayeay back in the day. >> aww. >> look at you y now >> isn't that amazing. tt amaz >> 35 at reagan national.iona we'll be in the middle 50s this afternoon.teoon. so temperatures expected to be about ten plus degrees aboverebo normal. should be beautiful beautiful bt day. lots of sunshine. quiet day.. it's chilly out there thiss morning if you haven't left forr school yet or running out theg t door there are 20s out to theutt west. but eventually mid 50s aroundrod here then very mild some showers tomorrow morning.oi tomorrow afternoon look at thata we'll get some sunshine. near 70 degrees these could be e records tuesday, wednesday
7:56 am
whole warm period with period of snow at colder air rushes ines i early thursday morning. so keep an eye on the weather wa this week it will be veryy exciting.exciting all see if traffic is exciting.itg. >> there's a lot goin tucker. new crash at 7:56 right now. ght w. on the inner loop we're alsore s dealing with metro delays.elays. power problem outside friendshii heights red line delays in botht directions. in addition to that, switchto ti problems stadium armory, bluey,u and silver delays to franconianc and really weston and that's tt' calling orange line congestiongt delays possible to vienna. viea. let's see if we can hop outside for live look on the inner loopl bottom side of the beltway before telegraph road there's ar crash. traffic is parked from theis p wilson bridge to telegraph road. you can see that volume rightigt there traffic moving at speedss under 10 miles per hour for quite a stretch of that. fa sthf so allow for extra time. coming down through prince george's county trying to get to alexandria this aside from that, we are seeing a lot of slow traffic, 295 northbound there's a crash atsht benning road we'll have moreor traffic in just a few. jusa f back to you guys.cku guys >> still ahead the doctor is in. dr. oz joins us live thisli t morning. plusor
7:57 am
when fox5 news morningor ♪♪ ♪♪ z23wpz z5yz
7:58 am
y23wpy y5yy
7:59 am
>> this is fox5 news morning.5 i good monday i'm allison seymour.ur. >> i'm steve chenevey.henevey. thanks for joining us thishis morning. >> 8:00 a.m. on this monday, onm feonbruary 6, 2017., 27. here
8:00 am
morning menu. >> patriots within the super bowl! >> new england patriots pullingn off historic and stunning super bowl win in the first ever ve overtime game.ame. now this morning quarterback tom tbrady dubbed the best ever patriots fans celebrate as falcons fans fight off a tough h loss which looked to bed e promising start.tart many of us are reeling inn those post super bowl snacks, sa the pizza, the chips, the wingss and the guac. perhaps you're feeling guilty aa new type of food many of usf u enjoy might actually help youelu lose weight.eight. we'll chat live with dr. oz to see how bread could help youp shed those pounds. pous. yup, interesting as you wake upap this morning what's one of thehe first things did you? did you y check social immediate? so mann people feeling the need to stayy connected.te do you ever wish you can ditchit it for good? what you need to o know if you want to quit sociala media even if it's part of youru job like many of us here.e. >> i wish i can quit, too.uit, t live look outside.k ouide
8:01 am
just minutes at 8:05.:0 >> kevin tweeted he'd like allda the movie references now.. >> oh, okay.kay. >> ♪♪ congratulations in ordertul look at all those patriot fansan celebrating.lebrating. >> that's clearly not right. r this was the reaction from a few fans we shall say in houstonon after the incredible come back k factory.. definitely one for the ages. ag. come back at one point seemed sd like the impossible patriots had 25-point deficit they came backb and won in overtime.. >> i knew they would. >> 34-28. first super bowl overtime game.m new england's fifth championshii and for tom brady.dy. his fourth mvp.p. >> i just knew it when they werr down like. down oh, get ready for the come backc >> right. city of boston celebrated bigteg win lighting up the city skyliny one building illuminate the with number five in honor of the team's fifth super bowl whichhi you see rht
8:02 am
pretty we're waiting to hear from the white house exact tlresident tre the super bowl champs.mps it is tradition for theorhe president to do so with the t president's close ties patriots owner and star quarterback it'si likely the tradition will continue. well, at least one patriotot won't be making that trip. martel list bennett says heett e won't be going when the team heads to the white house --ou - white house for the traditiontri meet and greet.nd gre president trump and's positionss have allen 88ed athletes which h has raised questions aboutbout whether some might choose to t skip the trip while donald trumu is in office.ffic >> two states filed new legalew documents. now it's up to the justice depth. >> this as we wait for moreit fr previously detained travelers tt arrive here in our area. fox5's bob barnard live at a dulles airport with more on the on-going immigration saga. s bob? >> reporter: hey, yeah,ea allison and steve, we're heree'r awaiting the arrival of some passengers from evening thoughno yann airlines flight arriving an
8:03 am
morning. brothers 19 and 21-year-oldld yemeni brothers their father is right here if you can see theeet gentleman in the blue jacket. j. simon, come here a second.e hern this is their father waiting too greet them. he's a us citizen. the asons arrived u on a flight last weekend like ten days agoao and were sent back home. h they are the two the brothers br are the two who sued presidentrt trump in federal court. that case was basically clearedd and joining us is simon's simons attorney. that was one of cases. w i mean they actuallyas sue theue president simon.priden but that case was resolved because they have been allowedaa to come, is that right? rht? >> their individual claims havev been resolve but the state of virginia has nowid juaoive bneue case and the state of virginia saying, our crew itsur cw it universities are suffering harmm as a result of this muslim ban. we have students who can't come. that's costing us tuition moneyn we have faculty, researchers ana staff who are either stuck stu overseas or who are unwilling tt travel overseas to conferencesfc because they're afraid theye afy might not get back in.t t ba so there's actually g
8:04 am
a hearing this friday if federae court on that case in which thet state of virginia will be askinb for the same thing that thet t state of washington obtainedaind this past friday. >> reporter: the judge whoho handled the 20th highjackerhjker case after the terrorist attacks 15 years ago said her temporaryy restraining order stays insts in effect until friday.. so your clients case is resolvee but because of that, and virginia joining it, it goes on, and tell me, i mean, did it go fairly quickly for them to getmg their visas and come back, and i know folks we have a photographr of the brothers, tar rick and a march. did they -- did they make these arrangements fairly quickly aree here now week late. le. >> actually yesterday morningy e was the most stressful two housu of my life because the fact ofa the matter, when they came in in last saturday, customs agents ae stamped a big canceled stamp over their visas. visas as a matter of law they agreedhe to uncancel the visas butas but getting the word to every singll gate agent and security guard gd was
8:05 am
they almost didn't make thedidn >> reporter: we're stickingtiing around. simon, thank you very much.ouy u mr. assize the father is here as well.ll we have a photograph of thehotof brothers who sued presidentes trump for the right to come here with valid visas and guyss there's a flight has already aea been arriving internationallily airline flight touched down atot 7:15 we expect them shortly andd after they reunite with theirher father, the assize brothers wilr come to the microphones and a we'll hear from them so probably within the next ten, 15 minutest or so. there are other people here at a airport in very similar shoes who didn't sue president trump but had loved ones arrive that last weekend were sent back andc are now coming, you know, tow, o start their new lives here in hn the united states.itedtates. but this thing is far from over obviously.obsly. you mentioned the ninth circuitu court of appeals in san francisco is expecting to hearr from president trump's justice j department by 6:00 o'clock by 6l tonight. reacting to the briefs that werr filed early this morning. the states of washington
8:06 am
minnesota saying that if the bab is reinstated they'll beore chaos at airports like this onen all around the country. cntry guys we're standing by. we'll be back when the brotherss arrive.arrive >> thanks, keep us posted. 80:00 fight right now. want to get an idea what'sa wt' happening tside. >> weather is going to be very pleasant.easant. >> i'm going to enjoy it.y i >> get out enjoy a nice nice afternoon.rn >> temp ross the rise.ross how about mid 50s thi afternoon? and we're doing toa be flirting with record temperatures around here bylirty tuesday and wednesday afternoonn as we're expecting high temperatures to soar into the 60s.s. >> wow. >> all right. .. here we go >> not >> got some rain.eain. but not all day.. >> okay. >> like tomorrow morning, rainoi the first half of the day andhaf then partly sunny o and 60s in e afternoon.oon. >> very nice.ery >> it is this morning.his rning. dulles 27. bwi marshall 34.all 3 35 at reagan national so chillyl temperatures to start your day.r sunshine bright, beautifuleaiful monday.nday today we're going to mild. mid 50s. 50s with temps expected to be 10 degrees above usual februaryr high temperatures this time of
8:07 am
year. and a nice quiet afternoon aft plenty of sunshine to lookoook forward to for your monday. seven day, 60s and maybebe snowflakes on the seven day. >> where?here? >>m-hmhmm. >> but you nailed it.ailed it. >> thank you. erin, good morning. >> good morning.ood 8:07.8:07 taking the rails this morning we have metro ts. but first wanted to show youhowu this. is things improving on the inner in loop. we have a crash just telegraph a road with heavier traffic backfk to the wilson bridge clear tolet the shoulder you can see traffif easing a bit. let's take look at our maps ours we'll get to those rail delays l seeing big slow downs on the rer line residual delays fromrom earlier power problem att friendship that's not the only issue.nly i. a switch problem outside stadium armory with blue and silver delays.dela additional delays on the blue,ey silver and orange because of a disable train outside of foggy bottom.ttom. orange line delays to vienna.. so seeing four of our sick metro rail lines dealing with delaysis this monday morning. morni as for our roads in southeastoua look at these delay
8:08 am
from several hours ago.go crews still wrapping up alabama avenue at naylor road southeastt metro buses dealing with delaysy in that area as well. well. so please allow for extra time.. throughout the neighborhood andd southeast portion of the pon o district. pennsylvania avenue at oldia avt marlboro pike as you make your r way out in forestville trafficfc lights are out.ghts aut please treat that intersectionso as a stop sign.n. allow for extra time towards tht beltway.way. red zone through oxon hill us as cross the wilson bridge and then northbound 295 crash blocking bn the right lane at benning road. causing big delays southbound 295 jams from 50 down to theown 11th street bridge.e. 50 inbound slow as well. well. back to you guys. ♪♪ >> one of our top stories atriea 8:00 o'clock.. classes will be canceled forll students acat savoy elementaryme school in southeast washington. >> school officials there tryinr to get a bed bug and rodentt infestation at the school underr control. >> melanie alnwick this morningi live outside of the school inln southeast. good morning, mel. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. normally o
8:09 am
there would be a number of kidsf coming into the school here.ere. but you can see now they posted this note that department oftmet health is going to be giving beb bug consultations for any famill that wants to see if they've got that problem not only from there school but in their home ase a well. and then if you look down here, here, the cafeteria is, completelyy empty.. normal until would be filledil w with kids who are having breakfast before they beginhe b their classes all of this begann of course, friday when wee brought the concerns about the infestation from parents and teachers to the d.c. schools chancellor live in our studios s with you guys. this time last friday.y. last week and then he hearde h those concerns, came here to the school, and let the community ci know he was taking action. that action now means no school today or tomorrow. tomorro let's take you back. bk. the cleaning of savoy elementart school was scheduled friday fda afternoon. we did see some trutecks out her late friday night. all soft materials in the mater building as well are being bei replaced that was one of thehat things that the school communitc
8:10 am
the up holderred furniture, the curtains, the nap mats thingss where these bugs could breed and hide. parents and teachers had been reporting problemsd teac with rs bed bugs since the fall. despite a thorough scrub down o the building and on-goingn-go cleaning plan, the infestation persisted.iste frustrated parents reached outar to fox5, teachers staged a sickk out friday saying they just j couldn't deal with the situatioi any longer, and then chancelloro wilson visited the school that t afternoon. >> i don't want students to experience any incidents of bed bugs at all, and we're going toi be looking at all solutions.ut >> not off the table. not off >> i want to t make sure that i clear. clea this is an issue we expect toedd dress.dress i expect it to be addressed immediately.mediy. we're working with other city cy agencies and we'll get this solved. >> reporter: and that is whatis he said on fox5 and that ist is exactly what he now, students will still be able to get meals barry farm recm re breakfast -- lunch, dinner
8:11 am
noat the school. get also, wednesday classes will wil resume but not here at savoy sav elementary school.ta s they'll be hell at hope hope elementary school andemench transportation will be providedn by wil dc public the transportation plan we'renre told will be row leased tuesdayd around 3:00 o'clock in theinhe afternoon.n live in southeast, i'm melanieae alnwick fox5 local news. >> 8:11 now.ow. melanie, thank you.ou. virginia state employees on the verge of getting biggest paygesy raise in nearly a decade.ecade but a showdown between governorr terry mcauliffe and gop and gop lawmakers may stan in the republican leaders in virginia'i general assembly proposed budgets yesterday.ets they would increyease state sta spending on public education ana while that could be used for raises, isn't a mandate.ante it will be up to local governments to decide how to h o spend the money. mon all right. let's switch back to the super c bowl right now. could have the highlights. n we can't forget about everythinn in between.ween the national anthem to theo he star-studded appearances in casc you missed missed it. we'l
8:12 am
>> from facebook to twitter towo instagram, snap chat, so many oo us feel the need to stay connected. but if you could, would you quii social immediate gentleman? up next, how to ditch it all evenve if it is a part of your job. 12.2. ♪♪ ♪♪ i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks.
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♪♪♪ all righty. 8:14. we can't do this alone,ly. >> no, we can't.
8:15 am
we need to bring if our tom tom ady.y. >> hey. >> come back. >> cute.>> c tom brady.tom brady. ll all right. >> i just had to make sure wee w had the cuteness fact of the day ready to go. we do. fox5 photo of the day. double trouble in cuteness. cuts >> what's up fellas. >> nurture nationals players. nt >> are they holding hands. >> they're holding hands on aioa bat. >> let's see. >> are they holding a bat. lose thheaty banner. bner. >> there it is. >> double cuteness.>>e ne carson and rye land, everybody.. >> awesome. good morning. they are both the big five years old. and get this. ts. carson loves all things sports.. >> all right. >> i'm not sure which one carsor is, do we we kn >> the sports lover.rts lover. >> okay.kay. >> and riley loves the marines n in honor of his pop pop.op >> they're so sweet. they're s look at them. >> i know. great jerseys by the way.ay >> they're just perfect.. double cuteness. >> cute as can be. >> ready to go out and play somm ll.l. >> carson on the left and rileyf on the right.ig >> let's play two, get it. >> i get it. i >> i was thik
8:16 am
minute twins from an old o commercial.. just showing my age. >> isn't it hard to believe itht could be that green around here? i forget, you know. you kw. when you good aetna a differenti season.. how lush everything can look. lo >> great picture.reaticture. have super day.have love love love your photo. pho >> yeah, we do.o >> baseball right around thedhe er.ner. springtime. >> sure is. >> on the way. baseballasebel weather later today and next couple of days we'll in for verr mild temperatures. look at the country here. her i want to mention, while we've ' not been experiencing a terribly harsh winter, i think mostnt people willer agree, the pacific northwest has. h. seattle, portland another roundr of snow. seattle three to 6-inches of o snow. i've been seeing pictures out of seattle this morning of even o more snow up there. tre that's very unusual. they don't typically get lot ofo snow up there.snowp t for us 35 this morning inng i washington. we're looking at lots of 20s 20s outside the beltway.eltway chilly start to the day but mild finish expected we should behodb well into the 50's a little ltl later today with bright sunshinn you can see our satellite/radar is quiet. qet and we'll remain so later today.
8:17 am
tuesday, wednesday, we got somes rain showers in the forecast but we also have the potential for record-breaking temperaturesture well into the 60s and just a jta quick heads up. u we may wrap up thursday wayrsday period of snow. >> interesting.ting >> interesting. >> why not? >> so why not?>> >> vacationing in like we alwayw talk about in canada minus 35 up >> brisk start.. >> i wouldn't what the flightste are like there.lilike >> long.on >> probably not a lot of direct non-stops.ops. >> yeah. look into it. comorin como, good morning. >> i'm dreaming of palm trees an tropical >> yes. >> you and tucker are completeoe opposites good i know. we balance nicesitely. right now we do have big problems on the roads southeastt southwest freeway disabledd vehicle at the third streetrd se tunnel. delays in both directions.s. disable on the northbound side.. heavier traffic from themhe pentagon up to the bridge on 393 northbound as well.hboundl. there's wider view of that yourw can see stop and go traffic butt again most of
8:18 am
the pentagon.gon. aside from that in forestville, pennsylvania avenue at oldania t marlboro pike traffic lights are out. treat that intersection asat though you would a stop light -- a stop sign in both directions.n share the road.share ad. take turns this morning.. northbound 295 earlier crash c cleared out by benning butningut delays remain all the way backac to pennsylvania.ylvani and then the southbound sideid jams to 50. 5 northbound bw parkway crash at t 193 blocking the left lane.e. really nasty delays there allth the way back through riverdale r park and new problems on the rer line. single tracking between van nesn and friendship heights.ts power problem.r problem. that's in addition to the t residual delays from earlier bur the power problem is back. and that single tracking ising causing big biob disabled train outside foggy f bottom.bottom blue, silver and orange days ini both directions and also orlso leaving line delays to vienna aa well from congestion fromcotion earlier problems at stadium sdi armory. armory. back to the roads.oads 95 southbound completely jammedj from north of the icc to the beltway.wa outer loop about 35 minute delay. from bw parkway over to the 270 spur. 270 southbound all
8:19 am
that was rockville. back to you guys.that >> all right. thanks a lot. w to 8:18.8: did you reach for your phoneho this morning first thing whennge you did when you woke up, alarma goes off, get the phone. phone let me check if so, this is for you.ou >> yeah. okay. next story is for you, because b it is all about how to quit youy social media addiction even ifvi it's part of your job. holly, it's so funny, did youou write that part in, holdly? >> huh? did i write what.teha am i guilty of what? this stors is for allison, i mean everybody else out there.ut t i'm kidding. listen, maybe not so much.uc now i really am.ym. listen we live in world wherelde part of your value the number of followers, likes and other oer engagement you have on social sa media.di. it's tough to imagine how youowy can live without it. however streams of fake news, fs argumentative posters and photos of other people's dream d vacations make social media sites a huge time suck andsu a studies show they can actuallyal have ill effects on your mentall so experts offer up these tips to help you curb
8:20 am
number one, take the apps off o your phone.ho the apps are actually engineerer to be addictive. and your phone keeps themm readily available at all pointsi so just remove the temptation to check in and they also haveav found that when you remove thoso apps, most people don't miss em.m. set ground rules.ul. that's rule number two.ule nuero if you are in a business thats t requires you to use social media, just set boundaries bases on those needs.eeds. in other words, work smarter,ma, not harder. hde set aside a specific time of day and time limit to handle your yu social media tasks.ia tasks then log off. number three, gather reinforcements and wean yoursn u self in increment.reme cut back checking certain timest of day and scale back those times until you've kicked the habit and tell others in yourd r world about the transitionn you're making they know the besk ways to get in touchnow with y. right now you're having seriouso fear of missing out or you thini it's actually going hurt youruru job to not be on so much? h? consider this.his
8:21 am
in the creative field reported leaving social media had zero z impact on their sails and huge impact on their well-being. no longer negative postingsosng stick in their heads and insteae they actually had morehead space to devote to new ideas andnd adventures and even consider this. even just disconnecting for asc short period of time has been being away fneor a month actualy allows the brain time to create new neuro paths which means new behaviors and routines begin to replace the old the l if you td ypically reach for yor phone when you woke up this morning to check facebook or cck twitter, after about 30 days ofo not doing that, you will you w actually have adopt add new ricc cal which will then be your neww normal.rm >> i think one of the morenk ofh interesting things --in >> i'm tweeting all that youg tu just >> which is good because it's during your work day. i don't want to ss ee yougoodrig it tonight.itonight >> no. okay. >> never mine. >> profiled in that storyd in somebody who ran a tech companyp >> that's right.>> t >> you would think those are thk people who would be so heavily invested in their phone and inh the apps all the time. tim even the people in the techheec
8:22 am
use this the right way. you can get too caught up in it. >> yeah, because the one the o gentleman you're talking about t he talked a lot aalbout the negativity, and how those negative posts just are on youru hyped. even when you're away they're on your a m so if you don't engage in them e and you don't read them they're' not on your mind which allows aw your mind to be filled with other more positive things. thi. >> here's the problem.ers are people talking about you?bo? >> you know what i mean? kno >> it doesn't matter.t esn't you have to not worry aboutbout >> right on. >> let them talk. they're the ones that have l all the negative thoughts that theii head. >> who is the winner. >> we are. who >> therapy session is over. i py s..thank you, holly add it to the bill. bil >> don't >> steve always tells me don't gagage. super bowl wasn't the only bigyg matchup on tv last night.ig. >> animal lovers on the edge ofo their seats the puppy bowl was s showdown of the cute and cuddlyy >> i know. k what is this?wh is >> did not disappoint. we have more to talk about, toot >> that was tucker.r tucker the puppy. ♪♪
8:23 am
once again, this wondrous thing called "luck" shines on a new day.
8:24 am
will feel its embrace? no one knows for sure. but one thing is certain -- its arrival is as inevitable as dawn. ♪♪ z29koz z5yz y29koy y5yy
8:25 am
the bakery flavors you love... [ ding! ] available in your dunkin' coffee. sip in the happy with a medium vanilla cupcake, or new fudge brownie macchiato or latte for $1.99 from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. >> break it down, al what are w seeing here. >> just sweetness. cuteness this weekend at the puppy bowl in austin, texas. society>> hel jhids t iheirn e tenth annual puppy bowlpy bow yesterday.ster nearly 50 puppies on hand for pictures, snuggles, lots of of puppy the
8:26 am
thanks and atlanta halkins.alkis not so much. mh. they went head to head to battlb for team mvp most valuable puppy and the puppies player made made super bowl prediction and thehe best part 46 animals found theie fur ever homes.fur ever homes. >> that's the best part.t'the >> places like that across thecs country doing puppy bowlspy b yesterday. >> perfect. >> we had one,ing. >> big one on tv. >>ay. w>> bay on good d so cute. so cute. >> love it. >> okay. >> get them all fur ever homes. >> was there some sort of an accident on the national. natna i have to look at that one. >> i was watching the fish bowlw not the puppy bowl this year. >> puppies can do no role.ool >> fish bowl was amazing.wl wasg >> you know what time it is.w at time to,, good to school. schl. >> let tucker' ego be fulfilled. >> steve, truer words have never been said. ♪♪ >> yeah. time for your weather report card. card. [ laughter ] >> i know you kids stayed upta late last but class in session.eson >> okay. >> bth
8:27 am
mark day today. sunshine it gets an a.. winds they'll be light a-b. afternoon temperatures an a. all right.ight we all know kids we don't take'k each other's lunch and we takeee tom brady's jersey.. that gets an f.. >> yes. >> overall an a.n a temperatures in the 50s lateres today with lots of50 sunshine. >> queue the music.usic. ♪♪ [ laughter ] >> he's such a weirdo. w i love him. >> so weird.ei. >> all right. >> we will try to recover fromrm that moment as we also try to t recover from last night's superp bowl game.wl ge. maybe you're also recovering from indulging on snacks.ncks. you had to do it.o it. part of the culture. >> no cheat day times ay es a ndousand. >> yes. eat dat day. >> yeah, it was cheat day.cheat. >> yeah. >> sorry. >> cheat on, brother. >> okay. what if we told c you aheat fooo favorite among many of us couldu actually help you lose weight?e? >> talking about bread. maybe you had that with with sandwiches last night.ig we'll talk with our good friendf dr. oz about
8:28 am
may help you shed those pounds s swear allison if he says quinoa bread -- >> yeah. ♪♪
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪♪ super bowl over here still.s >> i know right. >> the balloons. you can't see it but it looks to very festive.o fes trust us it's right there. tre. if you are regretting all thelle pizza and soda that you downedow during the super bowl dr. oz isi here to help.p >> he says there e
8:31 am
of bread on the market that canc actually help us lose weight. he'll be talking now on the shoh later this week has the low doww on giving up sugar.onivin we'll give you a preview try to tackle all these topics and givv us a little -- get insight intoi some of our own quirky things aa llll. hi c oz. good mnining. >> good morning. good rnin >> good morning steve andteve a allison.lison. >> let's talk first about breadl as we went to breadk fi i said f dr. oz will tell to us eat quinoa bread. i'm out. i can't do it. you whining andni a moaning about quinoa bread.t [ laughter ]qu >> very well. >> i'll give you three breads bd that work. oprah was on few weeks ago and o she was saying you got to have bread. you can't go on diet if you'refu in america a lot of times andima stay off bread. bad too addictive.icve however there are types oftype breads replacements alternativea you can get into that really work. wo ezekiel bread talking about in t the bible ezekiel bread is sprouted grains. enzymes release some people think it makes it easier toier digest it's not in the regularel bread section it's in theioit's refrigerator
8:32 am
supermarket all over thermar wakeshington he's easy to fine it toasts itti up it taste fabulous. two others people have not hearh of i'm pretty sure.ttyure. one of them is tap yolk todayy bread and tap yolk today breadod comes from ukee today plant.yla it's a very low carb resistant a starve great for your intestines and it tastes i think got a fullness to it. the proof is in the puddingng because tap yolk today bread.da >> aha. >> the bread you got to really t like pardon the pun and then thh other bread that i like a lot ot folks are getting into is int i coconut bread.t bread here's the thing. coreconut bread is made from the measure of the coconut crushed c down great for french toast butt it's got only 6 grams of cashess per slice so it's reallyso it'ra inexpensive way if you're onn diet of getting that feel ofel o bread without the calories.witha >> is this the kind of bread,d d though, that you can still useae for sandwiches or is this just j like you would eat it kind of oi the side? >> you can't use coconut breadue for sandwiches. you can years tap yolk todayap a bread for sandwiches the best b for sandwiches is ezekiel bread. cut the s
8:33 am
crispy that way and perfecterfe mouth feel. i use in my household.. ezekiel bread. it's a nice little half if youff lo breread. >> i'm going to the store i do know it's in the refrigerated section. sti so okaying good. g >> good to try.>> good to t we'll be doing that. doingt. another big advice is sugar.. and i can't even kid myself that i'm going to give up all sugar.. but it's really bad for you, right, dr. oz? d o >> sugar is the main reason rea we're all overweight.eigh it's a dicty it really does hith our brain like crack cocaine.aie we've got a whole show focused on 21 days of things we want yot to do differently one of these s is things cut back on the addedd sugar. i don't care about sugar that'sr natural until a food piece of pe fruit it's fine it's added sugag and the rule of thumb ought to t be the amount of added sugar is less. the amount of sugar should be less than the grams of fiber inn e fofood. that way sugar is pulled with the fiber you don't absorb night your intestines you don't have h to roller coaster of hormones h trying to keep up with the sugar you're i can tell if you you can cut
8:34 am
diet, you will lose weight no n matter what.tter it is almost impossible to gaini weight if you're cutting oututng sugar. >> i can't tell you how many people i personasulga't tly knoo as they cut out sewed dat poundd started to melt away. >> it's in so much.uc that's the issue. iue so for me, so it would take a te retraining of my brain but i'mii willing to do it. >> can i say al allison it'sis i about identifying tools, tips and hacks to avoid falling prey to that. to that. you're right it's in a lot ofigt foods that we have, but it'sat w predictably not in other foods o should become the foundation ofi your diet.yo so you're not getting trick. condiments, for example some ofo them are prone to having a lot of sugar.r roneofug others aren't. mustard is a great it doesn't usual val a lot ofalo sugar added to it. to i start to shift. shi it's not taking away things youg like just eating more of the m ones you like versus the ones t you can avoid liking so much.. >> dr. oz, you gave us a littlet personality test here to take, and i am going to say we got onn a bad food with the quinoa quina comment and i failed your testrt miserably.y i'll get
8:35 am
answer i'll tell you whater i'le happened with me.ll y >> okay.ppen ne was about what you wha y do with paper clip when you're y just sort of zoned out andnd you're fiddling with it and mydy answer was mine usually end up p straight. st is there a wrong answer here? >> no. there's three basic ways paper r club might end up. i'll bet steve broke his. h i'll get to that in a second. ac it can be straight like yoursous allison or circular like a openo hoop or it can be s shaped. sha so straight means that you you sometimes very big ambitions but sometimes you put the brake onyk before you get to the finish toi line. >> yeah. >> so there's something -- - something things hold you back u from being the best you can be you sort of know where to go. >> it's a overall fear ofllear success. i'm familiar with my personality. >> does that make sense. >> well stated. that's exactly what it's 's e says.- that's what itoes more blunt way of expressly what i was trying to get at. >> you're so successful area.
8:36 am
>> steve's shape was an s.n >> that was matt. thawas mat >> here's what i did dr. . i didn't have to have one in myy happened today i do this all the time. i don't do any of those shapes y much the circle might be of cle but i form mine into a triangle. i don't know why.hy >> triangle. trigle. >> i always paper clip in my hands always end up as triangle. >> yeah, that's interesting.ntes i have to put you into the opene loop group although it probable dollar formal psychologicallyly testing which allison has beenae asking for for years. years. >> many years. >> if i put you -- did you closo the ends of the triangle or open?en >> i mean they're as close ass o they can be. >> he tried to make them close.. >> i don't twist it shut oron'tt anything. >> he tried to make it closed. d e it >> all right. so a loop, that put puts you means you're em hearted.m h do you lock your doorsea and wip dose at night?dose at night >> are you kid? have you been b to washington?hiton? >> i resent that statement.nt >> i always have. listen even whoo it lived in super super small town people pl
8:37 am
do windows i always did. >> you're triangle a whole different category.egory. i'll have to work that into myto next >> i'm a case study in myself. >> exactly. >> we could spend hours on this. >> i'm sending ovary enforcements allison.ll. hang in there. >> thank you. witlways enjoy talking with you, dr. oz.yor. thank you for joining us.joing exciting show this sho we'll be watching. >> take care. take car >> all right. rtedrt take the open thing. i'll claim that one.i't >> i agree.>> i a >> maybe it's more like ae l circular triangle. good i agree. dr. oz of course at 1:00oz o p.m. right here on fox5. f all right. rig in the meantime, this is dulless airport right now. right now. so much talk about the travelral ban our bob barnard has been oub there throughout the morning asa they have been awaiting what'sea happening right now. halet's checppk back in with bo. >> reporter: yeah, guys. guy good morning. or we're at international arrivalar you see them the man in the i te middle is the father had a kelll aziz his two sons tar rick and amar on the left and rightig there. 21 years old. old they are the yemeni brotherss
8:38 am
u.s. citizen when they got hereg a week ago they were caught upau in the snare of the hastily convened executive order and the travel ban they were sent back b to ethiopia and home to yemen.e. they just arrived on ethiopian airline flight.rl they were the originall plaintiffs in a lawsuit against president trump filed in federal court in alexandria.xari that's the case that the state a of virginia has joined.oi they are no longer party to thit in a sense because they were granted their visa and they werr allowed to come here, and so they're going to be coming over shortly and speaking toin reporters and their dad is goini to talk, and there they are.yre they're here.ey'rere. you see them being blocked byloy some of the people here who are also greeting loved once as onc well. because there are a lot ofe th people cominerge ar on united ab emerates flight and ethiopian airline flight peopl
8:39 am
caught up in the travel ban anda now arriving.w arriving. we've seen a lot of these happyy reunions, guys, and we're goingi to be hearing from the aussies i brother who's did sue presidenti trump over the ban very shortly. guys. they are here in the unitedd states. >> all right, bob, thank you tnk very muc all right. bob will stick out there for a a little see if we can get moreif we n ge information. in the meantime let's check in k with tucker. lots of sunshine we're waiting w on today.ay >> yeah. mild temperatures, too. too. steve, overnight back in the 0s 20s.20 35 here in the city.35 hin but it is still chilly out thert but bottom line with today,oday, sunshine, mild temperatures,pete we're going to do mid to upper u 50s across the region an quietqe afternoon. not expecting rain and of courss temps in the 50s no winterinte weather either.ither. quick look at that forecast forr this afternoon.this anoon stay tuned. st i'll be back with tayhe seven dn in a minute. in a minute. you'll want to see it.ll wt to we got a lot of action, weatherr action to look forward to thiso week. 56 sunshine mild conditions.on all right.all rht. plenty more. fox news morning coming up aftep the break. th ♪♪ ♪♪
8:40 am
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♪♪ >> should be real nice dayd today. temperatures going to jump. lots of sunshine. mid 30s rbeightures glots now. coming months you might sooo see construction near ther the washington monument.gton the planning commission okay the design of a new visitors of a ns screening center. >> boo. >> it will replacescre temporary structure that was bill aftertht the 9/11 attacks.. expected to take two and a halff years to complete.omet that's what it should look like. >> all right. r let's find out what's on the oun menu for good day today. tay check in with holly
8:43 am
else do we have, today, wisdom.o hi, guys., g >> always a guessing game.essinm >> always a guessing >> don't guess about the nextue two hours because here's ourss r down. it is arguably one of the greatest super bowls ever.lsve the history making ot win of the patriots. >> good day dc all over therhe sports story.ry captivating our country rightryr now from the game to load georgia's half time show to alll of those ads, good day d.c. thet only place to be for all thehe highlights. >> maybe a few low lights.ow lig >> yeah. >> right. it was a big night for local ig nly. corey hawkins who grew up rightg here in d.c. the star of the nen 24 legacy. lac what you probably didn't known'o about the super star in the making we'll tell you. you. >> and we're just like lady gaga with that mike drop becauseau let's put up that epic good dayy guest list for this mondayon morning.morning. >> kevin is live from la withlaw his interview with the star of the new 50 grades darker.r so just how dark does it get? just wait.ait. kevin has got the inside scoop.p >> big night for the new foxox shows apb. premiering right heron
8:44 am
after part two of 24 tonight.ont we are live this morning with the two stars who tell us abouta this nail biter of a show. show >> oh, and we're not done justet yet.yet live in the lot of pop soulopou crooner and vh1 star russell taylor he's here. her he's going to perform a hot newn ng.g. >> looking forward to.oo the next two hours of good dayko d.c. clearly a winner.inner. no ot needed.eede >> 91 needed. 91 nd. often imitated but never duplicated good day d.c. see in you a few. f >> in this line of work we don'n like the ot.t. >> right.>> r >> when it gets to overtime get we're just like, hmm.. >> stick with regulation. >> regulation 6.5 hours. hrs. see in you a few.e in y f thanks guys.ks g >> be right back with anotherher check of the forecast next. it's 8:44. ♪♪
8:45 am
8:46 am
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8:47 am
>> i can't wait to find out c about our forecast today, ca>> it's not long now.g n >> how long do we have to wait? >> ten seconds. all right. have i shot out, guys. are youd for this. >> let's hear it. >>ig gamezards got a big gamever tonight against the >> huge game. >> right. ow at ho a row at home on the -- [ applause ]me o[ apause >> yeah. >> seven in a row overall. >> seven in row overall. >> yeah. >> they're good.. legitimate. >> love it.ove it >> okay. o that was my shout out. o it was an easy one. temperatur
8:48 am
35 in washington.ashiton. rising over the past hour theou real deal is this afternoon aero we'll turn nice and mile.icand everybody should be in the 50s 5 and i think here in the citye t we'll be in the mid 50s laterer today. toda so a really really nice quieticu monday to look forward to.o you can see the clear skiesle si across the area lots of blue sky expected today and lots ofnd loo sunshine as we are in a very quiet weather pattern for our things will change up here latet tonight and tomorrow. that's going to be warm front for us.oing tt area of low pressure pushes upe pushesu into the great lakes this hasatk been the pattern for much of tht winter and we'll be on the warmm side of things for the next forx couple of days.cole o so again nice surge of warmer air. 50 today. tay couple 60s around here tuesdayey and wednesday. wednesd we are going to have raine rai showers in the forecast both b tuesday and wednesday but just s extraordinary temperatures.pera i mean by tomorrow andw a wednesday, we're going to be tob flirting with records as we'resw expect something very very mild air around here. her i do want to mention this is thi tomorrow morning.owng that's at 3am tomorrow. tom we are going to have a period od rain showers moving through t tomorrow morning and then wengne should turn partly sunny andunny very very mild around hereer
8:49 am
again well into the 60s. 6 we'll do it again on wednesday.y i do want to mention that manyt of our computer models areel a trying to give us a perioderiod believe it or not of some winten weather late wednesday and earlr thursday as we get some colder l air rushing in behind ourd system. and it's possible we could is little snow by thursday morning. so this will be one of thosellef weeks that goes up and down andd back up again look at nextain l weekend right back near 60 it b saturday and sunday.satu and all right.l righ guys. that is a weather update and a a shout out.shout o back to you. >> milestone for britain's queen elizabeth celebrating 65 years5y on the thrown. tow also known as the sapphireir jubilee. the queen is the first british monarch to reach such auch a milestone to mark the occasionhn this portrait of the queen has been reissued. rei it was taken back in 2014 it's a photograph. small celebration planned today in latoniodon.n in a first from the vaticant the pope reach out oh americansa yesterday on super bowl sunday.n pope francis started the videohd message saying great sporting st event such as the super bowl are i
8:50 am
to vote a culture of encounter u in a world of peace. pea the pope said to be an avid sports fan.rtan he's a big soccer fan in his native south america.ri >> luke bryan national anthem tt lady gaga's high flying showw stopping half time show thehowhe entertainment side of super bowb li did not disappoint.pot >> joining us now the glitz and glamor of last night's people senior writer janine rube binub stein. good morning. >> can morning. , luryannal anthem, luke bryan. kind of slow paced.low paced. is this going to be one of thest that lasts five minutes or not.t what did you think? think >> he is actually known for knor taking his time with theit t national anthem, and for goodorg reason. he has a great voice.oice. and it just came through soo clearly and beautifully.ifly no music behind him.. and he did not go over which was awesome. people have done him before. bor he stuck to the timing anding a sounded great.ded great ll all right. you know, we were goo-goo for-gr lady gaga.
8:51 am
>> it was so exciting to watch her, and a little nerve rackingn to. when she jumped off the top off that stadium, and later at thehe end of the show jumped off again it was like what is going on? very acrobatic.crobic she had the lights going. and the fireworks and the pyrotechnics. she gave a lot in that as spec. there weren't any surprises inps terms of people joining her on o stage. people had rumored beyonce' might come out it was in w i houston. that didn't but for her own part lady gaga g gave a show. >> yeah, i thought -- i mean for half time show i thought it wast very well >> mini concert.once >> the production standpoint wat iothere.n she got a ton of songs into herr 12, 13 minutes. m but you're right, no specialht,i guests we've seen that lot in l half times past.ast. but the super bowl always bringi out celebrities and we had i had mean everything from theg from vice-president of the unitedde states mark wahlberg long time e patriots fan anybody else theree that we are not aware of yet of that this is going to like leake
8:52 am
been there? >> there are a number of faces c john travolta was in the i t audience.audience john legend and chrissy teigen were seen whispering and justndj being as cute as they always re are. and then, of course, the head cheerleader giselle bun chen wh was just ecstatic at the end ata the second half of the game when her husband was bringing it on >> let me ask you this becausesc so funny allison and i did notid watch the game together.e toget. we didn't even talk about it but we both had the same thoughte tt this morning.this we came in. >> right. >> when she's filming herselfsh and turning around and therninoe camera is on her and she'son h s filming everything on her phoneo good move, bad move? just beinb a fan.. what was going on there? >> she is just being a fan, and we've seen this in years past.a. he's been to the big show a fewa times now. and she's always shown herselfee to be just the adori
8:53 am
fan, just nfl wife. wife. forget the fact that she's a s's huge super model like she's just ready to scream and take selfies and do everything that anyonee would want to do in many moment. >> so what did you like best? for you personally what was theh best part of the show? especially look you're workingor for people. fo you want to put the informationf out there and sell the superll bowl for all the greatness supes lwl li. what stood out? >> for me i'll be a nerd aboutdu it i think it was the drones in th ssky. i had never seen anything like you saw the blue and the red thd came together they made the g flag.fl these were hundreds of synchronized light drones that they flew around in the sky too like in this organized -- it wat crazy to me.crazto m i had never seen anything like n that. a little scary but it was cool to look at. >> to be honest i completely, nt just went right over my head.d. i need to l
8:54 am
performance again. a >> she was on the roof. >> but i was focused on her.n h >> people thought they weree ghh firework.wo but they were drones. >> okay i going to go back andgn look at that. talk about that. >> i knew ahead of time i was tw looking to see where the droneso would be. they turned into flag.into fg. >> yeah. >> let me ask you this, janine.n i hate to get political but thit is d.c it's what we do.hat weo. singers, performers fromrms fro hamilton who were there to kickk off the entire event, was that t because they knew mike pence was going to be there last night orr was ite last n just a completee coincidence? i'm using air a quotes. ot this performance america the t beautiful performed by the women who play the schuyler sisters ii hamilton really created a moment, and one that's taken th' over social media, and if youfou have seen the show you know thaa they intro themselves saying and peggy adding the third so that's something that is a nod to what they do in hamilton. but also them being sisters inin the play. a
8:55 am
added that on to the song. but also just female empowerment and that entire moment that'ss it was all tied in together, ana if you look at lin-manuel miranda's twitter today, he said and sister hood. he tweeted that out th morning. so people have really latched o to it, and i personally think ii was a great moment.. >> wow. >> wow all right. thank you so much.uc love your insight. iight >> thank you. >> from people. thank you. >> i love seeing the -- thankss very much i love seeing the falconseas coach, too. you can see him just being, f b you're going to be in the supert bowl at least enjoy the moment.m >> look around.un >> of being there. i have a>> question.ion. what was the references to, you know, hi, mom, hi dad i missed s it was a running thing with thet hi dads. hi >> i saw that.>> saw tha i didn't know if that was a throw back to the pass or an o actual movement. anyhow who we'll discuss more uu coming up.cong u we'll take a short break.
8:56 am
♪♪ >> ♪♪ >> we just want to say hellojust right back to you. hi amanda. this is our facebook fan of the day amanda giving everybody a big thumbs up. >> yeah. >> she's been watching fox5 our faane was a kid. she's basically giving you thedg li ke on facebheoo'sk bnce shsical. >> a like. lik amanda says fox5 is always it was on when she was gettingeg ready for school and 30 years 3y later it's on every morning. moi we thank you and we appreciateee your loyalty.youral if you'd like to be
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day post your picture below amanda's. >> very cool.ery l riright. tucker barnes, take it away.. >> tuck, you okay? you want yw some more time.ime >> it wasn't too smooth.h. >> water. water. >> my apologies.y a >> hurry up. >> 40 degrees. look at that jump in the last hour. ur dulles 24. dulles was in the 20 twos hoursh ago. amazing. hey, sunshine, beautiful, we'llw be in the 50s later this t afternoon.n. and let me mention that we'rehaw going to be looking at the a possibility of recordposs temperatures around here bothur tuesday and wednesday.nesd we may end it as brief period od snow on thursday much lots goinl thihis week. erin will end it with break. brk erin, do your thing. thi >> 8:57 right big metro delays on the orange, blue and silver. disable train outside foggygy bottom. bottom. no longer single tracking redrae line. heavy delays lingering betweenng van ness and friendship heightsh outer loop delays college park 9 95. delays there. keep it to good day at 9a. at 9 we're coming right back with rit that. ♪♪ ♪♪
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